How to start a professional Laundry and Dry-cleaning business

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I can confidently compare a Laundry and Drycleaning business to a Food Service business, because there is a market for everyone. The same way people need clean clothes, the same way people need to eat. See the following pointers below on the process of starting your own professional Laundry and Drycleaning business:


1. Have a burning desire

Have a burning desire to ensure that your business venture succeeds even when it feels overwhelming.


2. Make your research

Since you are reading this now, your research has begun. Read about it, make notes, from your research you would know what standard or quality of service you want to offer to your customers; your standard would determine your budget; your budget would determine your range of resources like location, equipment, staff, etc. NOTE: Your range of resources is not dependent on your quality. Subscribe to know more 🙂


3. Write a business plan

Quipkraft Solutions is the best consultancy company to get a well-detailed business plan, and I can assure you that their service is top-notch, 24/7 customer support anywhere in Africa. The business plan would help you access loans from the bank or an investor, it would also keep your establishment organized even after setup.


4. Location Feasibility

Carry out thorough feasibility analysis on possible locations for the business to know: *if it is viable in that environment, *if the building isn’t hidden, *if the area is accessible, *what’s your projection for customers, *do you have your target market in that area, *access to water and electricity, is it within your budget, etc Cross your t’s and dot your i’s on this aspect because it is significant to the overall goal, which is making money 🙂 NOTE: It’s best to have an expert opinion(Quipkraft Solutions) before making the payment for the rent, because the building has to be practical too, so as to ensure the seamless flow of productivity on the day to day technicalities of the business.


5. Get the right equipment

I’m sure that by now from the 2nd pointer, you already have a list of what would be required to carry out your services effectively and efficiently. Equipment like washing machine, dry cleaning machine, dryer, finishing table, etc. To be on the safe side ask for help, and I strongly recommend Quipkraft Solutions because they recommend the right equipment to fit your budget and they also have an engineer to set up everything. Quipkraft Solutions equipment are durable and would give you peace of mind.


6. Branding

By now I’m sure you may have your company name ready, if not, it’s not too late to think of one. Get your logo done; Brand your premises and your packaging consumables. Also take note of the added services you may want to offer to customers to maximize profit, such as upholstery cleaning, Alteration & Repair, etc. To know more, subscribe 😉


7. Acquire Human Resources

Also from the 2nd pointer there should be an idea for staff and your staff strength which is dependent on your budget/size of business. NOTE: Quality is not reliant on your Staff strength and qualification; Skills can be learnt


8. Marketing

Marketing is what drives traffic to your business and generates profit. There are several ways to market your business, such as: premises branding, flyers, billboards(if you have the financial capacity), social media, television and/or radio advert, word of mouth, etc


At this point, your business is set up and ready to go.


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